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Rubber Ducky Inflatable Boat Repairs & Services

The Ducky Doctor! Ph:0437 910 378

Highfield T V

Episode 1: Ultralite vs Classic

Ep.2 - Patrol 860 Proxam Special Edition

Ep.3 - Sport 900 Tour

Ep.4 - RIB Hull Terms Explained

Ep.5 - Will it Sink?!

Ep.6 - The best spearfishing RIB...?!

Sport 560 Walkthrough

Patrol 860 Rescue RIB

Ep.9 - What's under your deck??

Ep.10 - Sport 650 Walkthrough

Ep.11 - Beginner's Boating 101

Ep.12 - Behind the scenes of a boat club!

Classic 310 and 340 FCT In-Depth Review

New 2022 Classic GT Console

Classic 340 GT Review

Classic 360

Sport 300

ALL NEW Sport 900

Sport 460

Sport 390 Review

Patrol 600

Patrol 660 Ocean Divine

Sport 460 Review

Sport 520 Test

Sport 420 w/Yamaha F70

Patrol 540

This is a list of videos and reviews for Highfield boats. We will keep adding more as they become available. Please scroll down to locate the one you wish to watch/read.

Review articles: