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Rubber Ducky Inflatable Boat Repairs & Services

The Ducky Doctor! Ph:0437 910 378

Snap Davits

Snap Davits offer an easy solution to dinghy stowage and enables small vessels to carry a good size tender. They negate the need for bulky davit arms or cranes and secures the dinghy to the stern to facilitate dinghy loading and disembarkation.

Fuel Bladder

Wilsco Fuel Bladders are made in Australia and are standard equipment on many Surf Rescue inflatables around the country. Made from a super tough Urethane with quality brass fittings and available in either a triangular or rectangular shape with a capacity of 23L. Dress it up and add extra protection with a colourful cover.

Spare Parts

We have a range of other accessories available including footpumps, repair kits, seats, d-rings, consoles, handles, rowlocks, oars etc. If you are looking for a spare part or accessory please contact us for pricing and availability.

Si-Tech Modular Systems

Rubber Ducky has been appointed a Distributor for the Si-Tech range of diving equipment. We will be stocking the Quick Neck, Quick Cuff & QCS Oval Cuff systems for supply and fit or supply only. Prices and details on Neck & Cuffs are at bottom of page. Fitting costs will depend on suit type. Other products to order (except gas cylinders). Click here to check them out.


Most items can be purchased in our online shop. If not shown there please contact us re delivery.

Adhesives incur a $15.00 freight surcharge.

We accept PayPal, Cheque, Cash & Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is our preferred option as it enables us to keep prices down. Please contact us with any enquiries.

Inflatable Boat Covers

See the range on the Shop Online page. Different sizes and styles to suit open dinghy or centre console style

AzbondR Hypalon Adhesive

For Hypalon or rubber coated fabric a quality 2 pack contact is prescribed. Azbond R is a premium neoprene based 2 pack adhesive that is easy to use, well formulated, reliable and long lasting. 250ml Pack $65.00 500ml Pack $95.00 (500ml out of stock)

AzbondC PVC Adhesive

Azbond C adhesive is very much up to the task for PVC inflatable repairs. This glue has absolutely shone in tests and is far superior to other glues on the market especially in high temperature climates. 250ml Pack $65.00 500ml Pack $95.00 (500ml out of stock)

Yachtsman Snap Davit Kit. YMK1

Complete snap davit kit to suit a range of inflatables. Comprises 2 x Davit Clips, 2 x Pads & 2 x Yokes. Includes s/s fasteners. $470.00 kit

Currently out of stock.

Aluminum Snap Davit Pads. YMPA

Heavy Duty aluminium pad & s/s yoke for heavier boats. $120.00 ea.

Yachtsman Quick Release Base. YMQRT

Top Mount replacement base or to upgrade existing fixed units to removable. $40.00 ea.

Yachtsman Snap Davit. YMY

Snap Davit yoke. $90.00 ea.

Currently out of stock

Yachtsman Snap Davit. YMP

Replacement pad. $95.00

Yachtsman Snap Davit. YMS

Replacement s/s snap. $120.00 ea.

Extended Snap Bracket

100mm Extension $150.00

Currently out of stock.

Drop Down Snap Bracket

100mm Drop Down for for higher swim platforms. $165.00

Transom Mount Snap

For vessels that have a vertical transom without a swim platform.


Currently out of stock

Raised Snap Davit Head

When you need a raised mount to lift the dinghy higher off the stern platform.


Stand - off arms. Stainless Steel.

 Custom sizes available to order.

D-Ring. YMD

S/S D ring to locate stand-off arm to inflatable. PVC $15.00 ea. Hypalon $30.00 ea


Medium size d-ring. Suitable for towing points or general purpose tie downs, etc. Available in white PVC or light grey Hypalon. PVC $30.00 Hypalon $60.00

Repair Kit

Repair kit in PVC with white patches, adhesive &valve tool or Hypalon in light grey. PVC kit $20.00 Hypalon kit $30.00 For minor repairs only.

Azbond Patch Kit for PVC

Patch kits for PVC inflatables. We stock white & l/grey, other colours available to order. $25.00

Azbond Patch Kit For Hypalon

Patch kit for Hypalon boats. L/grey, mid grey & black in stock, other colours to order. $30.00

Padded Alloy Bench seat

Aluminium bench seat to suit Highfield boats or those with webbing style seat fittings. $95.00

Under Seat Bag

Under Seat bag for your inflatable. 2 sizes available. Designed to fit Highfield 2.4-2.6m & 2.9-3.8 boats but will fit many other brands. $80.00.

Plastic Seat

Molded plastic seat to suit Highfield, available in 2 sizes. Will also fit other brands with similar fitting points. $105.00 each

Dinghy Wheels

Plastic fold down launching wheels to suit most small inflatables. Fitting hardware included. $95.00 set.

Quick Neck Set + Silicone Seal

$115.00.Kit Only.

It´s flexible, versatile and comfortable! It will keep your drysuit operational at all times! No more costly or time consuming repairs! It is the most effective solution in the market when it comes to sealing the neck area of protective suits. It is called Quick Neck and its developed to provide optimized operational values for the end-user. The Quick Neck is designed to be attached on diving drysuits, amphibious drysuits, rescue suits, watersports garments and more.

Quick Neck Set + Silicone Seal

Quick Cuff Set + Silicon Seals

$96.00 Kit Only

Quick Cuff turns your drysuit into a modular platform able of carrying a variety of different seals as well as the possibility of changing a torn or broken seal in minutes without tools or glue. It is also fully compatible with the Glove Lock QCP and the Quick Glove system. Note that the Wrist Ring has to be glued onto the suit.

A seal of either latex or silicone is simply clamped in between the Wrist Ring and the Stiff Ring, from this minute you have a sealed drysuit and can now move on to attachment of a Dry Glove System such as the Glove Lock QCP or Quick Glove.

QCS Oval Cuff Set + Silicon Seals

$96.00 Kit Only

he QCS Oval provides the user with the opportunity of quickly changing a torn or broken seal. It also offer a modularity to choose from a variety of seals. QCS Oval has a narrow and oval shape that makes it compact and comfortable.

QCS Oval manufactured after May 2013 is fully compatible with the ANTARES Dry Glove System. The design and obvious benefits makes it ideal to mount into suits and garments for other watersports, for example; kayaking and sailing.

Combi Tool


Combi tool with multi functions for Valves and Modular Quick Change Solutions. Included in Quick Neck and Neck Tite sets, also available to buy separately.